A Great Man

Love, writing

I want to do something great in life. I’ve been reading a book about an ordinary man who did things that were positive and life changing for a great number of people. That’s what I want to do. I want to make a major, positive difference in the world. I want my actions to make lives better.
And then I think about my Dad, who was such a simple man and who never seemingly did anything major or great in life. He worked an average pay job as a police officer, without really trying to advance his career much. He never wrote a novel, or founded a school, though he probably did save lives without ever even knowing it. He did feed the hungry. That is, he would feed anyone who wandered into his house. He did shelter the poor anytime someone he knew needed a place to stay. He made an enormous difference in my life and the lives of my siblings. He was by far the greatest man I have ever known.
I want to do something great in the world. I want to step outside of my box, reach outside of my circle and use the gifts God has given me to contribute something positive and meaningful back into society and the world.
Sometimes I feel like life’s everday problems and tasks are pointless and mundane. Sometimes I feel unappreciated in my profession, like I’m not making the positive difference that I had hoped to make. Sometimes I feel like a slave to my house, constantly cleaning, cooking, doing laundry. Sometimes I feel like all the hard work I do everyday just to take care of my little circle is not only draining, but insignificant, too.
But this is not true. It does not take a major action that the whole world recognizes to be a positive influence in the world. A simple man with a simple life can be a great man and change the lives of many. Every interaction and every moment is a chance to be a positive influence in the world around you. Whether it’s working hard at what you do to help take care of your family, taking time to spend with your children so that they know they are loved, putting time into doing something fun to enjoy and show appreciation for this beautiful gift we call life. Whatever it is you’re doing, you are influencing other people by your actions, whether you realize it or not. If I am striving to do good in the world, it does not matter how small and insignificant a task may seem, I am still making a positive difference in the world.
I need to remember that while it may be important to me to focus on my goals, follow my heart, and work for my dreams, every little bit of help and kindness I give along the way is just as important.  If I ever doubt this, all I have to do is look at my father’s life.  My brother spoke at my father’s funeral. He gave an eloquent, honest, loving speech about what it was like to be raised by man like this. “Even a simple man can be a great man.” ~Steve Highfill.  My dad was such a simple man without really any “major” accomplishments. But anyone who knew him would agree that he made a great difference in a great many lives.  It is the journey that matters the most. All those seemingly tedious and insignificant tasks and obstacles are not unimportant. They are what teach me, make me stronger, and allow me to grow so that someday someone might say “She made a difference in my life.”.

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