Love Letter To The Sky


You bring joy to my heart

My love and admiration for you is great.

By day, your beauty radiates all around me

The fire in your heart warms my skin and lightens my spirit

Even as it brightens my world

Your magnificent hues paint this life in shades of passion

The array of colors inspires me and fills me with awe

As you have inspired man and poets for all of time

Your blues, golds, violets, fiery reds, and even your greys

Shake my soul and seem to dictate my emotions

We are one

Sharing the same spirit,

That of the Everlasting.

By the darkness of night, you are deeply mysterious

Leaving so much to the imagination

Your enchanting demeanor covered in black

And bejeweled with blue and yellow fired diamonds

Forever man has pondered your grace and depth

Forever have they sought to find what lies within your heart of hearts.

And when you are grey

Oh, that solemn grey!

When all of those lovely hues have been wiped from the palette

Leaving me empty and longing

The dullness penetrates me and sits deep inside my soul

I lie in bed and we cry together tears of rain

But I know you will shine again

Colorful, radiant, divine

You always do

And we shall shine together.

For you are my Everlasting love

And I am eternally grateful to be surrounded by your deep, mysterious beauty.Image


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