The Pursuit of Happiness: My Preoccupation



My love and preoccupation in life is the pursuit of happiness in the largest sense. I want to find ultimate fulfillment, peace, and joy in life, and I want to help others to do the same thing, primarily those I love the most because their joy and well being have a direct effect on my happiness. I want to spark the inspiration inside of others to believe that they can be truly happy and learn to live a life they love. This is not to say that I am just a super happy person whose life is great and everything is wonderful all the time. Far from it. My life has problems and chaos, just like everyone else’s. But I do not believe that true happiness, joy, and peace are situational concepts. I believe that they come from the inside and shine their way out. I believe these things come from an inner knowing of oneself and a feeling of being at peace with the world around you. No one can really take your peace and happiness away. It is a part of you. You can let it go, but that is a decision, probably an unconscious decision, but a decision made all the same. We will all hurt, feel pain, anger, and have bad things happen to us. But I believe that we can all find the strength and beauty within ourselves to seek out and experience ultimate happiness at the best of times, and at worst still have a deep inner peace during the hardest times of our lives.

My passions are living life, loving it, feeling it, making the most of it, learning what it truly means for me to make the most of it, and being able to share all this with others and inspire them to believe that they can do the same. We can explore the wonders of our hearts, minds, and souls. We can have peace. We can be happy.


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