Just in case you don’t already know how important your tip is…


A friend posted this on Facebook today, and I felt the need to share and further explain to those who may not know the importance of tipping your server correctly when you go out to eat.

Anyone who ever goes out to eat should read and understand this. Most restaurants also require their servers and bartenders to claim atleast 10% of their food/beverage sales on their taxes or they have have to go back through training. So, if you leave a $5 tip on a $75 tab, not only are they not making ANY money for doing their job, they are probably also going to have to pay taxes on money they didn’t even make, or else be penalized by their employer. All because someone was too cheap to spend an extra $10 to pay for the service they received. Ever notice that when you order a to go order from a restaurant, it costs the same as if you had come in and eaten there? That’s because when you pay for your food at a restaurant, you are NOT paying for the service of being waited on. YOUR TIP IS WHAT PAYS FOR THE SERVICE OF BEING WAITED ON. And if you are tipping someone 10% of your tab or less, you are often forcing someone to almost work for free.
My outlook on it: If you can afford to go out to eat/drink, you should make sure you can afford to tip the person who is waiting on you so that they can be paid for the job they came to work to do, otherwise order take out or just stay home.
But, really, is an extra $5 on your meal at IHop going to break you? or an extra $10 on that delicious dinner from Outback? Probably not. If so, you shouldn’t be going out and spending your money in the first place. What it will do, though, that extra $5-10 that takes your tip from a crappy 10% to an awesome 20-25% tip, is make atleast one person smile today and believe that you are a super awesome person who believes that hard work should be rewarded. Don’t you want to be that super awesome person?

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a great day!


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