Importance of Nurturing Our Creativity

Happiness, Mind

One of the major pitfalls of mainstream American culture is our lack of acknowledgement of how important creativity is. Of course, we’ll all say it’s important. We can recite quotes and spout off statistics about the importance of creative thinking in business and life. We’ll pay ridiculous amounts of money to go to concerts or shows to watch someone else be creative. We’ll pay money for art or pretty things that someone else created while they were doing what they loved. But as a whole, the society that we live in puts much greater importance on making money and gives a lot less attention to the importance of just living and allowing ourselves to be creative, even in the little in-between moments. Art and creativity are only valued if it’s deemed to be worth money.

As children we are all effortlessly creative in our own ways.

Seeing everything for the first time, we see the world with such potential and limitless possibilities. From the time we start school, though, we are already being programmed to learn a certain curriculum in a certain way over a certain period of time. To regurgitate facts back so that we can make good test scores on information that we do not care about and will soon forget.

As adults, we are seldom encouraged to follow our passions or creativities unless there is a good paycheck expected to come behind it.

Do I have an answer to change our society from it’s petty, money-lusted ways? Not really. The machine is too big. The domination of greed too vast.

But I will suggest this: Do not underestimate the importance of even the littlest moments of joy and creativity in your life. It may be letting yourself be inspired by nature, falling in love with a melody, doodling a flower, writing a poem, cooking a delicious meal with love, or just coloring with your kid. (or writing a cheesy blog 😉 ) Whatever it is that puts you in the present moment and makes you appreciate the little things in life. Whatever it is that helps you imagine and dream. That is when you find your creativity. That is where ideas are born. It is important. It should be nurtured. Even these smallest moments of inspiration and creativity are not idle, wasted moments. And we should not treat them as such. For it is in these moments that we find the beauty of our humanity.

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