To My Sexy Man

Love, writing

I never stood a chance. From the first time I met you, you enchanted me. Those that know me well, know the nitty-gritty, funny, crazy details of how we met and fell in love. Those are stories that I will someday giggle about with our children, when they are old enough to know what it feels like to fall in love. I never loved any man as passionately as I loved you, and I always love passionately.

When I fell for you, it wasn’t my first time, nor was it yours. We had both known love and felt it’s depths, both high and low. But the love I felt for you surpassed all that. At 28 years old, I was suddenly transformed into a love-crazed teenager. There was nothing I wanted more than to be near you, to hang out with you, to touch you. And that feeling has lasted FOR SO MANY YEARS. I have never fallen, and can never imagine falling again, in love so much with someone. You took my breath away.

That was so long ago. I’ve felt your body and held your presence so many times. We have fought and cried and loved so much. What I am so grateful for now, though, is how much our love has endured. Time, struggle, pain, heartbreak, healing. And after it all, I am still a love-crazy teenager for you. More than that, I KNOW YOU. I know everything awful and beautiful about you, and you know every ugly and beautiful side of me. AND WE STILL LOVE EACHOTHER. You are still the man that makes me hot, and the first person I want to hang out with.

It has not always been easy. Anyone that knows us well knows that. But we never gave up on our love. And I’m so glad for it. You have a beautiful soul. We have a beautiful love. We have a gorgeous, sweet family. And I love you so much, sexy. Always. Thank you for your sweet love ❤




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