I want to inhale life, beauty, and knowledge and exhale creativity, ideas, and art. I want to roam the world learning about all it’s secrets, wonders, and cultures so that I can sit alone in my room and ponder with pen and paper everything I have explored. I want to break free of these chains of duty and procedure and propriety that I have apparently self-imposed on my life.  I want to rearrange my responsibilities and schedule and prioritize them in a way that really fits who I am and what I am and believe in the most. This is my goal and my always growing, changing dream. Above all, though, I want to be sure that while following these dreams and working for these goals, I make sure to balance this with nurturing my relationships with those I love and helping others to find their peace and happiness. I do not ever want my pursuit of my own personal happiness to cause me to neglect those I care for and those who need me. Spirituality, Life, Family, Friendship, Love. These are the things that ARE most important to me.


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