Nature’s Healing Love

Happiness, Mind, Poetry

Oh, great wind, unsheathe my eyes

Blow away the dust

Reveal to me a world so great

And all the things I love


For the world’s turmoil

has tarnished my heart

And only the sun’s rays may return it’s shine


The colors of the land

may reveal the plan

and paint the gleam back into my eyes


My feet long to feel the earth,

my skin longs to touch the grass

Sweet dreams from the sky fill my mind

Rejuvenate my soul at last


Let the rains shower over me

To cleanse me of the pain

Refresh my spirit and my heart

So that I may feel your love and live again


Photo: Muir Woods 2012

It Breaks So Quickly…

Love, Poetry

It breaks so quickly, yet comes back together slowly and with determination

Made up of moon beams, hugs, and dreams of life in the sun with a happily-ever-after theme

It knows you for who you are, sees your weaknesses and your beauty

And it makes me flush with emotion from all this knowing

It makes me keep going, one dream in front of the other, steadily keeping pace with it’s rhythm

It belongs to you, or at least, I let you borrow it

Yes, my heart breaks so quickly, but it always mends back together

Slowly and with determination

It is strong from so many hugs, dreams, and moon beams

That Moment (to my children)

For My Babies, Poetry

that moment when I see you smile with unbridled joy
and the purity of your soul is so obvious it brings tears to my eyes
when your beauty not only lights up my world,
but also reminds me of the beauty inside myself
that moment when I am filled and overflowing with love for you
and I realize it is love like this that makes life worth living and makes all things possible


That Moment <3

Poetry, writing
that moment when downtown looks as perfect and pristine as an Ansel Adams photo
when a simple countryside inspires and takes my breath away like Monet
when a soft breeze both comforts and energizes and sends me home in my soul
to some sweet moment of love and laughter
when I can suddenly look around me and see the beauty in everything
that moment of peaceful bliss that is always locked away so deep in my heart
just waiting for me to find it

The Cleansing of the Tides


It beckons to you
seducing you with it’s rhythmic waves that soothe the restless soul
entoning the beat of the heart, the spirit, the world
until all is washed away whole
With each breath, each wave bringing new treasures
new mysteries for us to awe and admire
and, though cleansing, it is not without pain
it is passion without fire
The vast endlessness calling explorers to voyage
and broken-hearted poets to dream
all in search of the same enlightenment
in mother nature’s arms at sea
For me, you have returned me home
to a place in my heart that I have sometimes forgot
Quieting my demons, clearing my mind
filling me with that once lost
Mustang Island, TX
October 2014

From a baby to a woman
So fast
But only in my mind is that
How it passed
You’ve seen much more or the same
As I
But you hold it in an innocent heart
Held high
I want to show you the world you deserve
My sweet
And we’ll discover this world together
You make me recall all the love
In my heart
And it is for this reason, dear,
I pray we shall never be apart
For too long.
I love you always, beautiful sister.
I love you for the same reasons
That I loved you for then
Your beauty and your strength
Have inspired me again
My strong and kind sister
My devoted and wise mother
You have been both to me
When life swept me under
Through our brightest night
Through our darkest hour
You saw my beauty

And encouraged my power

A part of my soul
You surely are now
You have taught me so much
Of what life is about
Time and space
They cannot betray
The love that you’ve shown me
In so many ways

I am forever grateful to you
For how you helped me grow
And I will always love you
This I hope you know




I see it in the mirror

In the morning as I brush my hair

And on the ripples of the lake

When the moon is shining there

In the eyes of my own children

When I can see the beauty of my own love

When I see the beauty of the world

In the the lovely flight of a dove

You can see it in the poor and homeless

A reflection of our waste and greed

You can see it in all that we sow

For it is a product of the seed

Reflections are everywhere

They show us what we don’t always see

And my words are a reflection

Of what lies deep inside of me.

To My Love


It is not perfect
But nothing ever is
It is beautiful, though
In all of it”s imperfectness

Fights and tears sometimes
But kisses and laughter, too
And many more of the latter
Compared to the ugly few

We’ve stood by one another
When times have gotten hard
We’ve held each other up
When one of us fell apart

You are my passionate lover
You are my closest friend
Your touch drives me wild
Your kind words help my heart mend

There are many in this world I love
But you are the only one I call home
You are the one I crave
When I can’t stand to be alone

I love you, my beautiful
I love your sweetness and your grace
I love the way you love me
With that strong but gentle embrace

It is not perfect
But nothing ever is
And I am so grateful for our love
So grateful that we share this


A Thanksgiving Poem


Family and friends gather round

With laughter and memories

Card games and jokes

Or just snuggling, watching movies

The women cackle in the kitchen

Making fun of the men

But really we’re all quite happy

To be together again

Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,

Cousins, nieces, and nephews, too

Grandparents spoil the kids

While the dog chews on our shoes

The smell of delicious food fills the air

We have more than enough, as always

We’ll spend all day eating and playing

And we’ll have leftovers for days

There are many reasons why we do this

On this national holiday

We do it to relax and rejoice

In our own special way

We do it to help us remember

All the blessings that we share

And to share those blessings with others

To show our love and care


We do it to celebrate family, love, life

The things we hold so dear

We do it to give thanks

For being blessed with another year