Discovering Green SuperFood Drinks

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I love to try anything new and healthy. Especially if it’s all natural and organic-hippie-fun. Especially if it’s easy. Extra especially if it makes me feel good. So, I have recently discovered what millions of other people have probably known about for years, green super-food drinks.

My discovery stemmed from my sister giving me a week’s worth of the health supplement, Kyani, to try. Though I liked the product, it’s a little expensive, so I decided to see what else was out there.

I ventured out to my local organic foods store where I told them I was looking for a “natural”, “organic” liquid nutritional supplement, in the hopes of finding something similar to the Kyani product. Being new to the natural-supplement world, I was now overwhelmed with options. In a good way, to be sure. I ended up checking out the green super-food powder drinks.

I started off with Garden of Life’s Perfect Food Raw Organic Green Super Food.

If you have never drank anything like this before, it is a very different experience. The powder is like dehydrated, ground up grass and veggies (which is pretty much what it is). That is also what it smells and tastes like. I bought the apple flavour and mixed it in a small glass of apple juice.

From what I have read, none of these green superfood drinks really taste GOOD. Some are just more bearable than others. My research also led me to many stated opinions that this particular product isn’t one of the best tasting. But it also seems to be a pretty good source of lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and other good stuff. So, I suffer through the taste once a day.

I have now been drinking my organic green powdered drink for about a month.

The effects?

I really feel great. And I really shouldn’t feel so good right now. Lately I’ve had a lot going on. I’ve been busy and stressed and busy. But there’s many times during the past few weeks when I have noticed that I have energy when I would think I would be tired and worn. I actually feel healthier. I’ve noticed other things like my fingernails look thicker and healthier. My appetite also doesn’t seem to be as ferocious. The drink doesn’t seem to curb my appetite. I just think my body’s getting the nutrients it needs, so it’s less likely to feel cravings or want to eat for lack of energy.

I think the green super-food drink is a great idea. It’s highly unlikely that our everyday diet provides us with all those plant-based nutrients that our bodies crave. This simple, natural, organic product helps fill that gap. There are many products out there to try and much literature to help you pick. I have also read recommendations to switch products routinely to help get a more diverse range of nutrients. I started with Perfect Food Raw, but I have also tried Concentrace Greens Pak and I would like to try Amazing Grass next.

For more information, these are my two favourite websites:



If you love things that are healthy and make you feel good, I would highly recommend giving this a try. The taste might not be that great, but the effects really seem to be worth it!


Do you have stories or information regarding health and natural supplements? I’d love to hear them! After all, the best thing about ideas and experiences is sharing them with others ūüėČ


11 Things to Remember Every Day

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My own personal list of daily reminders for how to be happy, have peace, and follow my dreams.

(1) I am beautiful.
Inside and out. I was created from stardust and the infinite Universe. I am a unique creation with endles possibilities for happiness.

(2) Listen to and care for my body.
Drink water. Lots of it. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Do yoga. Be good to my body.

(3) I am loved and loving.
There are so many beautiful souls in this world whom I love and who love me also. The most important of these being the love that I have for myself. I only need to connect to feel this love. Call a friend or family member. Tell my mother I love her. Hug my kids. Do something kind for myself and/or someone else.

(4) Be grateful.
Focus on the good things and give appreciation for them. Give time and energy to those things that bring me joy instead of feeling bad about things I don’t have. Be grateful for all the good in my life and make the best of it.

(5) I am strong.
I have already proven this time and time again throughout my life. Even the fact that I take the time to focus on self improvement, heal past wounds, and consciously focus on my happiness is an immense sign of resilience, bravery, and strength.

(6)  This too shall pass.
To be remembered in times of hardship and also in times of joy. The most painful moments of my life will eventually just be a memory to grow and learn from. Every happy moment will also pass. They are all to be appreciated.

(7)  I am creative.
Give time to my creative outlets. Write a poem or ponder a thought. Draw a picture. Let myself be inspired. Read a book. Visit a museum or some other inspiring place. Go for a run. Play the guitar. Listen to music. Dance. Commune with nature.

(8)  Focus on my dreams and goals.
Both long term and short term. Make a to-do list of the daily tasks and feel the joy of checking them off. Make a list of dreams and long term goals and give attention and energy to it everyday. Enroll in the classes to finish my psychology degree. Practice and study in preparation to obtain yoga instructor certification. Plan that family vacation to Disney or the adults-only trip to South America. Even the smallest effort is still a step towards following my dreams. The more energy and focus I put towards the dreams, the happier I will be.

(9)  I am divine.
Pray and/or meditate. Realign my spirit with and feel my connection to God and Universe. Fill my heart with love and gratitude and then extend it out to the rest of the world.

(10)  Stop judging (myself and others).
No one is “perfect” according to society’s standards, and yet we are all perfect beings. I have the right to be here, just as naturally as the trees and the birds. I have no right to judge someone else’s life. I am not them, so I will¬†never truly know what it is like to be them.

(11)  Smile. Be happy.
No matter what life has in store for me, I decide everyday how I choose to view the world. Make the choice to find the good in life. Make the choice to be happy.

.colorado flowers

(Bouquet of wildflowers picked while hiking in the Colorado mountains. ūüėÄ )