To My Love


It is not perfect
But nothing ever is
It is beautiful, though
In all of it”s imperfectness

Fights and tears sometimes
But kisses and laughter, too
And many more of the latter
Compared to the ugly few

We’ve stood by one another
When times have gotten hard
We’ve held each other up
When one of us fell apart

You are my passionate lover
You are my closest friend
Your touch drives me wild
Your kind words help my heart mend

There are many in this world I love
But you are the only one I call home
You are the one I crave
When I can’t stand to be alone

I love you, my beautiful
I love your sweetness and your grace
I love the way you love me
With that strong but gentle embrace

It is not perfect
But nothing ever is
And I am so grateful for our love
So grateful that we share this